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Sips & Shimmies: A Saturday bellydance class for you!



No time during the week for a basic bellydance class? Take a Saturday and learn Bellydance basics in this 90 minute crash course. $25

Twerkshop Social



Join us for an Empowerment Fridays Twerkshop social! Twerk instructor Alicia will be teaching twerk basics to get you dancing and smiling! This is an 18 and up event for the grown and sassy! Refreshments provided. Start your Friday with your friends at 8pm. $10

Anatomy of 9/8 dance & rhythm w/ Rabia of Turkey

                             December 14th


Yes, you read it right! In this workshop, you will discover the anatomy of 9/8s music; how to recognize it, it's relation to dance and movement vocabulary, and it's importance in fully understanding the structure of Turkish song and dance. 


This workshop series is designed to help you connect to the music on a deeper level and improve the quality and flow of your dancing.  These techniques can be applied to Turkish Romani &Karsilama styles of dance, and help you reach your full potential as an artist!

About Rabia of Turkey:

Rabia is an internationally acclaimed performing artist, researcher, Instructor, choreographer and one of the leading performers of Turkish Romani Dance in USA.

      Rabia found her love of music and dance at a young age in Turkey where she started dancing, drumming, and performing at early childhood age during traditional henna nights where her mother played a frame drum.  Growing up listening and dancing to the complex rhythms of Turkey’s beautiful Aegean region, was to her benefit during her formal dance education. Today she uses western vocabulary to bridge the cultures. Rabia passes her enthusiasm for improvisation to her students, demonstrating how to physically connect with melody and rhythm and using the body as a visual musical instrument. Her unique dancing and teaching style is rooted in Turkish culture and tradition. She performs and teaches nationally and internationally.

In addition to being a surgical registered nurse, she holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Education with an emphasis in athletics/dance, and Master of Science in Nursing Education. She integrates her formal educational background into her dance instructions to benefit her students


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Sunday Brunch Caravan at Jhane's Lounge in Norfolk
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